Posy Pillows - Scented Aromatherapy Sachets

Posy Pillows - Scented Aromatherapy Sachets

Posy pillows are approximately 10" x 5" in size and are handmade with love. Each pillow includes an outer flannel cover along with a refillable inner pouch that contains a specially formulated blend of flowers, herbs & essential oils that work together to provide you with a relaxing experience.  

There are many ways to use a Posy Pillow. Feel free to be creative!

🌼 Lay it across your forehead while resting
🌼 Slip it inside your pillow case
🌼 Tuck it inside a dresser drawer to gently scent your clothing
🌼 Keep it handy in your desk at work for a quick aromatherapy session

Please note, Posy Pillows are not for use with children. The proprietary blend of herbs, flowers & essential oils is not intended for consumption nor for use on the skin. Posy Pillows should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Posy Pillows are not designed to be heated in a microwave, but may be stored in a cold environment if a cooling effect is desired.

Shipping weight is 3.5 ounces.