Attention: Aromatherapy consultations have been temporarily suspended.

What is an Aromatherapy Consultation?

Curious as to how an aromatherapy consultation works and how it may help you? A consultation is a two-part process. Clients who are interested in seeking essential oil support for holistic wellness are able to meet with a certified aromatherapist for a thorough assessment and a discussion of which benefits you are seeking (this is Part 1). Your aromatherapist will then develop a personalized aromatherapy blend to support you in meeting your wellness goals and provide you with thorough instructions on its use (this is Part 2). 


The general intake visit takes 30-45 minutes and provides the framework on which to build your personalized aromatherapy support plan. Each support plan is individualized to the client, and as such, requires some time to properly develop. Clients typically return in 48 hours to receive their customized aromatherapy blend and discuss usage instructions and safety information. You will then be requested to follow up (by phone or in person) within an appropriate time frame for an assessment of your progress. The consultation fee of $40 includes both visits and your follow-up; your personalized aromatherapy blend is charged separately and may range in cost anywhere from $5 - $20.

People seek aromatherapy consultations for all kinds of issues, including sleep problems, seasonal illnesses, muscular aches, a bout of the blues, or even just to learn more about how to properly use essential oils. It is important to point out that aromatherapy is only used as a supportive measure for physical or mental complaints, and is not intended to replace a visit to your qualified healthcare professional. You should always seek the advice of a licensed medical or mental health professional when you experience physical or mental health problems. You should consider aromatherapy to be an extra resource in addition to your qualified healthcare professional's knowledge and advice.

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