Attention: Essential oil classes have been temporarily suspended


New for 2020!

Essential Oil Classes

Are you interested in learning how to use essential oils safely and effectively for holistic wellness? Sign up for our new small-group classes, where you will receive an instructional session with a NAHA-Certified Aromatherapist and learn to create a personalized aromatherapy product that you can take home with you (does not apply to essential oil safety class!).

Each 90-minute class will focus on specific issues that can be supported by essential oils. You will learn which oils are appropriate for those issues, how to effectively use those oils, and what safety considerations you should be aware of for each essential oil discussed. No prior knowledge of essential oils is required and there will be plenty of opportunities for questions and answers. All students must be 18+ due to insurance regulations and we unfortunately cannot accommodate any children during these sessions. Pre-registration is required, as seating is limited,

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Lexington, KY Class Schedule:

February 8: Essential Oils for Romance - At Elevate Wellness - 1084 Wellington Way

Learn about essential oils known for their aphrodisiac effects, then choose your favorites to make a bath/massage blend that will set the mood for love this Valentine's Day


February 19: Aromatherapy 101: Essential Oil Safety - At Good Foods Co-Op - 455 Southland Drive

Learn the Do's and Dont's of using essential oils safely. This class will focus on appropriate usage methods, precautions to take with medications or medical issues, proper dilution, storage options, and much more!


February 22: Essential Oils for Aches and Pains - At Elevate Wellness - 1084 Wellington Way

Learn about essential oils that possess anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, then create a personalized bath soak blend that will melt those aches away