Dancing Bee Naturals was born in Northeastern Kentucky in 2016, a result of empty nest restlessness and the ever-present desire to learn something new. Thanks to a thorough holistic wellness education from an accredited educational institution, I am confident in my knowledge of essential oils and best practices for manufacturing the products you will find on this website. I attended the American College of Healthcare Sciences, where I earned a certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing in 2018 and completed my diploma in the Master Aromatherapist program in 2019. I am a Level 2 Certified Professional Aromatherapist through the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and am also pleased to say that Dancing Bee Naturals is an officially recognized Kentucky Proud business.

With so many companies and individuals selling natural products and aromatherapy-related items, it's hard to know what's safe and whose recommendations you can trust. Some companies use sales representatives to promote unsafe and controversial uses of essential oil products and some individuals may claim to be experts but lack the benefit of a proper education. Following incorrect and/or unsafe advice on the use of essential oil products may be detrimental to your health and could negatively impact your well-being. For these reasons, it is important to work with a properly trained aromatherapist while exploring the benefits of essential oils and related products. 

​Dancing Bee Naturals is a customer-focused small business with a goal of providing safe, high-quality aromatherapy products and essential oil education to the immediate community and beyond. Above all, it is my hope as the owner and creator of Dancing Bee Naturals that the products and information you find here will soothe the soul, support the body, and brighten the home, wherever you are.

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